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Life is short……

One of the most common human tendency is to take the most important things lightly and worry about little things. We take life so lightly as if it’s going to be forever. Life is a sweet lie. Death is a bitter truth, Everyone knows but no one believes.😻 The day we are born till theContinue reading “Life is short……”

Work life with Covid

In this covid pandemic life has become confined into a box. After nearly three and a half months the four walls of the house seems comfortable now. Good food, proper Wi-Fi, awesome sleep there comes WORK FROM HOME. Initially it was hillarious to see the organisation adjust to the concept of WFH. Those who areContinue reading “Work life with Covid”

The Power of English

India is a land of many languages. Most of the ancient languages come from India. A country where till day people speak multiple languages. So out of numerous languages how did English become the most power and most spoken language of this country? After the Britishers left India, they somewhere did leave an impression inContinue reading “The Power of English”

The Success story

In India, we have been taught from a very young age to become successful. Back in the 90s, if you didn’t study you wouldn’t be successful, if you aren’t successful you will regret it throughout your life. Hilariously, success is measured in terms of money, your happiness your passion doesn’t even add up. The successContinue reading “The Success story”

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